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Jerramungup Tourism

At the Jerramungup Visitor Centre we have brochures available to make the most out of your trip to the area and can direct you in your travels. The Shire of Jerramungup boasts wonderful wildlife, an abundance of wildflowers and white sandy beaches.

The Fitzgerald River National Park is situated on the edge of Jerramungup and covering 329,039 hectares is one of the largest botanically significant National Parks in Australia. It has been UNESCO Biosphere Reserve listed since 1978, which internationally recognises the parks balance between conserving biological diversity, promoting economic development and maintaining cultural values.

The National Park has an extremely diverse flora and fauna, featuring more than 1800 known species of plants, 75 of which are endemic to this area. There are 22 mammal, 41 reptile, 12 frog and over 200 bird species including the endangered ground parrot, living in the park.

Whale watching during the winter months ( July to November ) you can see Southern Right Whales from the viewing platforms at Pt Ann and along the coastline to Bremer Bay. Southern Right whales come into the sheltered bays for calving and can be as close as six metres from the shore. Humpback whales can also be seen as they make their way upand down the coast, the number of whales has been increasing every year since hunting ceased in the 1970's.

Within Our Town Centre 

The Rootpickers Hall opened in April 1958, so named as it was for through volunteers picking mallee roots to clear the new land development.

Fitzgerald Biosphere Garden located on the edge of Roe Park, the gardens beds and their major landform " Ecozones" have been organised into areas and can be accessed via winding pathways through bushland, giving you the experience of the different landforms of the biosphere.

Roe Park named after Surveyor General John Septimus Roe, is located in the centre of town withplayground, picnic, and electric barbeque facilities available for use by the public.

Scenes from our region

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