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The History of Jerramungup

The surrounding area of Jerramungup was first explored by John Septimus Roe in 1848, who was passing through on his way to Esperance.

In 1848 Captain John Hassell was granted 20,000 acres of land in the district. Here, he moved with his family and bought 2,000 sheep. By 1925 the Hassel family had accumulated over 18,000 sheep and 44,000 acres. Then, by 1861 the family were growing barley and wheat, with now two homesteads built, which are still standing, and can be viewed from the road about 6km from the Town Centre and is privately owned.

The WA Heritage Council explains: "The dwelling is significant for the following reasons: The old stone house with nearby store and barn was built by the Hassell’s (1859-61) and used by the family until the erection of the new house in 1906. No longer habitable but capable of being preserved further without deterioration the buildings are mainly of historical interest. Jerramungup – as the Hassell’s used to call the property – was taken up by John Hassell in 1849 and was one of the best known stations in the south of W.A. – mentioned in the journals of a number of explorers and remained in the ownership of the Hassell family for over 100 years (until brought for War Service land Settlement in 1951)."

The Hassell family sold Jerramungup to the Land Settlement Board in 1950. The town of Jerramungup was established in 1953 as a war service settlement area and announced in 1957. From here, Mr. Colin Cameron moved into the Hassel Homestead, got men involved and camps organised to settle the land, firing up the start of the Jerramungup community which brought out many families. With the local kids’ numbers growing, the numbers were getting too big for travelling in a single bus. Therefore, in 1956 it was decided that the Jerramungup Station shearing shed, after some alterations and improvements, be turned into the school.

With the land being cleared and developed successfully, there was 141 farms which were distributed until late 1962.

The Jerramungup community has an enriched love for sport and offers a wide array of sports to get involved in. With an indoor recreation centre, sport oval, golf course, bowling green and a Sports Club offering social facilities. With the Jerramungup District High School also offering a 25m public swimming pool.

Useful Tips

Community Groups

For all your community groups and how to get involved. Whether you are a new resident or just a harvest visitor, find attached the contacts for the local sporting groups and community groups in the Shire of Jerramungup


Defib Locations

Whether you are travelling or might need to use a defib, the following defibs are located in the Shire of Jerramungup

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